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Installing EPDM roofing to timber surfaces

For bonding STRUCTASEAL® EPDM roofing on an absorbent (preferably) timber surfaces, we distinguish between the adhesion of the central roof surface area and the edges and upstands. For roofs below 3 mtr. above ground level, the water-based adhesive STRUCTASEAL® Bonding Adhesive WB is used for optimal adhesion of the roof surface. 

Regardless of the surface or height of the roof, the edges and upstands must always be bonded with Contact Bonding Adhesive. The sprayable SPRAYBOND variant gives an optimal ease of installation.

*Timber roofs higher than 3 metres must be bonded with Bonding Adhesive PU Based.

Download our installation guidelines

Installation instructions

The surface must be flat, clean, grease-free and dry. Determine the correct position on the roof based on the supplied roll-out sketch. Let the EPDM roofing hang completely over the edges and let it relax for approx. 30 minutes for optimal installation. Follow these step by step guidelines:

Bonding the central roof surface:

  • Half fold back the EPDM membrane.
  • Mark 150 mm from the edge using a chalk line. 
  • Apply the Bonding Adhesive WB adhesive to the timber surface with a flece roller (do not apply to the 150 mm perimeters and the upstands).
  • Roll the EPDM back into the adhesive.
  • Brush the roofing lightly with a soft broom. Repeat the above steps to the other half of the roof surface.


Edge fixation

  • Spray the remaining 150 mm of the roof surface and the upstands with CONTACT ADHESIVE SPRAYBOND.
  • When the conact adhesive is touch dry, the EPDM is to ready to apply, avoid trapped air whilst applying. Always work from the middle to the sides. Use a flat hand to wipe the EPDM into the edges and against the upstands
  • Compress the EPDM well with a silicone roller.







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