Which adhesive do I need?

For bonding EPDM roofing, we make a distinction in bonding the roof surface and bonding the edges and upstands (edge fixation). The contact adhesive must be used for the edge fixation. This is available in 2 variants: STRUCTASEAL® CONTACT BONDING ADHESIVE or SPRAYBOND. 

For bonding EPDM roofing we have two types of adhesive. Here it is important that the surface, the roof construction and the height of the roof are carefully considered. STRUCTASEAL® EPDM roofing can be applied to an absorbent surface (preferably timber) and to tissue faced insulation boards. 

For bonding the roof surface, STRUCTASEAL® PU BONDING ADHESIVE or WATER BASED BONDING ADHESIVE is required. The surface and height of the roof are the determining points. 

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