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Installation instructions

For bonding STRUCTASEAL® EPDM Roofing on absorbent surfaces such as timber constructions. 

Place the EPDM roofing completely on the absorbant surface (e.g. timber roof deck) and let it relax for 30 minutes. The surface must be flat, clean, grease-free and dry. For optimal adhesion, walk through the following points step by step.

Half fold back the EPDM roofing.

Apply the KS217 adhesive to the wooden timber surface (apart from the last 150 mm and the upstands).

Roll the EPDM directly back into the adhesive on the roof surface.

Brush the EPDM roofing lightly with a soft broom. Repeat the above steps for the other half of the roof surface.

Adhere the remaining 150mm of the roof surface and the upstand edges with the CONTACT ADHESIVE SPRAYBOND.

Consumption depends on substrate approx. 250 gr/m2

Storage at +5 °C to +25 °C.  

Protect from direct sunlight.

Store frost-free.

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