The Builders Merchant has 3 standard dimensions in stock. Customisation is also possible which will include a delivery time. Please discuss your requirements with your local Builders Merchant.

STRUCTASEAL® 1.00 MM EPDM roofing is available in 3 standard sizes: 

  • 1.40 m. x 3.00 m.
  • 2.80 m. x 4.00 m.
  • 4.20 m. x 7.50 m

Larger pre-fabricated EPDM membranes and rolls are available to special order.







Unique product properties

The excellent product properties of STRUCTASEAL® EPDM Roofing provides an ideal solution for waterproofing flat roofs quickly, efficiently and safely without open flame. 

  • Available in one piece
  • Fast and easy installation, without naked flame
  • Lightweight, only 1.25 kg per m2
  • Suitable for new build construction and renovation
  • Fire rated (B roof (t1)
  • Proven service life of more than 50 years

STRUCTASEAL® EPDM ROOFING is ideal for waterproofing flat roofs on dormer windows, extensions, carports, roofs, garden houses, sheds, etc. The EPDM one-piece roofing is also root resistant and therefore suitable for use under an extensive green roof. In a correct roofing construction, STRUCTASEAL® EPDM roofing has a B Roof(t1) fire classification.

For optimal installation STRUCTASEAL® supplies adhesive products specifically developed for the STRUCTASEAL® EPDM roofing. The choice of adhesive is dependant on the roof structure. This guarantees a waterproof finish of a flat roof. The use of any non STRUCTASEAL® products invalidate the guarantee.

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EPDM roofing
Application/Bonding of EPDM roofing

There are a number of STRUCTASEAL® adhesive products that can be used for bonding STRUCTASEAL® EPDM roofing. All these adhesives can be found on the shelf at the Building Merchants.  In order to ensure optimal adhesion and to comply with the supplier's warranty these adhesive systems must be used. These adhesives have been extensively tested at international approved test institutes.

The determining factor for the type of adhesive to be used is the substrate onto which it is bonded. Get advice on this in the Builder Merchants or read our "Frequently Asked Questions". 


Bonding of STRUCTASEAL® EPDM roofing on a timber surface



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