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EPDM with BUTYL adhesive backing

Self adhesive EPDM

STRUCTASEAL® Self Adhesive EPDM is an EPDM strip with an adhesive backing for working on multiple architectural details. It combines the durability of the EPDM with the convenience of a BUTYL adhesive layer on the underside which has an easily removable protective film.

The STRUCTASEAL® Self Adhesive EPDM CAN used for lining both new timber constructions as well as renovating existing and outdated metal gutters. Furthermore, the Self Adhesive EPDM is frequently used in airtight detailing of joints and openings in construction.







High quality

STRUCTASEAL® Self Adhesive EPDM is robust and flexible product. The EPDM is re-inforced with a fiberglass layer which allows the product to cope with the many movements in a building or construction detail. The BUTYL based layer has a protective film, which allows easy and quick installation once removed.

The material remains elastic, does not become rigid or liquid and does not secrete environmentally harmful substances. Because it does not leach out, this is the ideal material to install in gutters, as opposed to, for example, bituminous products.

The EPDM is also uv resistant so that If the STRUCTASEAL® Self Adhesive is exposed to the outside elements it does not degrade or become brittle. This is one of the most important properties and ensures that the seal has an extremely long service life.

  • Self-adhesive
  • Easy installation
  • Flexible material, easy to fold and shape
  • Easy attachment on almost any surface
  • High airtightness due to the EPDM and BUTYL


The combination EPDM and BUTYL makes it a durable seal, which in many cases lasts longer than the service life of the building!


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